Re: homonym URIs (Re: What if an URI also is a URL)

>John Black wrote:
>>There it is again. Am I missing something? One minute you are 
>>talking about London and the next minute you are talking about the 
>>concept of London. But aren't the two distinct? Everyone seems to 
>>do it (at least I used to, I'm trying to stop). But once more, 
>>surely the two have different referents:
>>"I live in the city of London" - possible but false
>>"I live in the concept of London" - huh?
>The concept of you living in the city of London is possible but false...

That's a proposition, not a concept.

John is right. I confess to using 'concept' loosely. I will try to 
avoid the word in future, as it seems to add no useful content. All 
we need for the examples are a URI, a city, people and mailboxes. To 
hell with concepts.


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