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Fwd: [Semantic_Web] Application using Jena: a design question

From: Danny Ayers <danny.ayers@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 13:14:40 +0100
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[offhand I don't know the answer - forwarding to other lists, you
could also ask on IRC #jena or #swig on irc.freenode.net]

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From: Alex <acamposr@gmail.com>
Date: 06-Jul-2007 12:58
Subject: [Semantic_Web] Application using Jena: a design question
To: Semantic Web <semantic_web@googlegroups.com>

Hello, I would like you to give me some advice about this situation. I
have got a big ontology with many many individuals. In my program, I
load that ontology in memory with a JenaOWLModel object. I want my
program to listen to some "queries". The way a remote computer can
send a query is by sending an ontology (the XML file) that extends
mine and defines an extra class. I will infer which individuals in my
ontology belong to that class and return their URIs.

My question is: which is the best way to design this? At the moment,
the only way I can figure out is by receiving the XML file, creating a
new JenaOWLModel and using a reasoner. But that could mean a very low
performance because every time I load a complete ontology again I will
have to load a lot of individuals. Am I right? Is there any way to
avoid loading all these individuals again and again?

Any suggestions?

Thank-you very much!

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