RE: An RDF Reification Syntax Idea

Hello Michael,

The self-referencing a triple by index in a document idea is complicated by the 'all permutations become the same document' factor.  Possible is that an intermediate representation of a triple can be mapped to an index in a second step after the RDF is generated, assuming a standard heuristic exists to convert RDF to triples, which is the context in which 'sequence of triples' makes sense.

I see your point about dynamically generated content.  I suppose this would work, if at all, in referencing fixed document resources and then at the discretion of the author as those documents may need to be available for their document to be fully processed.  I am interested in the idea of uniquely referencing statements in other documents via URI (in documents meeting the appropriate criteria) and am drawn to the 'every statement has one already' concept, in which indexing might be just one approach.  I enjoy the way triples can reference 'line numbers' on, say, my computer, but see the challenges involved in getting that to another computer.

Say, in some triple editor:

[Triple Number 7] [SomeProperty] [SomeResource]

upon beginning to export

[RepresentsTripleNumber7ByContent] [SomeProperty] [SomeResource]

becomes an RDF-based language and in looking at the sequence of triples it will generate

[RepresentsTripleNumber7ByContent] --> [URI now containing the index of the triple in the sequence this document will become]

A preliminary idea, again assuming that concepts such as 'sequence of triples' and 'line numbers' are reasonable.



Received on Wednesday, 31 January 2007 23:17:21 UTC