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2007 IEEE International Services Computing Contest (SCC Contest 2007)

From: Stephanie Chow <Stephanie.Chow@uoit.ca>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:01:10 -0500
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    2007 IEEE International Services Computing Contest (SCContest 2007) 

    Services Computing has become a cross discipline that covers the science and technology of bridging the gap between Business Services including the next generation Internet Business and IT Services. After the successful 2006 IEEE International Services Computing Contest, the 2007 IEEE International Services Computing Contest (SCContest 2007) is launched formally at the beginning of the Year 2007. It will again focus on using the SOA methodologies and tools to better solve business issues facing today and bringing together worldwide talented students for the industrial wave. The top six winners of the contest will be announced in the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2007) and the IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2007) in July 2007. In addition, the technical papers of the winners will be published in the proceedings of IEEE SCC 2007. The theme of SCContest 2007 is Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). It is sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing .  SCContest 2007 is supported by IBM Research ( Services Computing ) and SAP Research (USA). 
    Procedures and Important Dates 
    •  Participant teams should register their participation at http://iscc.servicescomputing.org/2007/ before January 27, 2007. 
    •  Contest problems will be distributed to those registered participants on January 29, 2007. 
    •  The final paper submission is due on April 7, 2007. The paper should include problem background, modeling analysis, technical explanation,   result analysis, SOA methodology, innovation and a web site that hosts a live demonstration. It should be limited to 8 pages and follows the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines. 
    •  The contest review result will be notified on May 5, 2007. 50% of the participation teams will receive a framed certification from IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing, among which no more than six teams will be selected to the SCC 2007 Conference. These teams will have their paper published in the SCC 2007 proceeding per some pre-requisite. The actual standing will be reviewed again and announced at the conference.
    •  A camera-ready paper copy is due on May 19, 2007 for those selected to be published in the SCC 2007 proceedings. At least one author is required to attend the conference and present the paper. 
    Team Structure 
    A contest team is made of at most 5 full-time undergraduate/graduate students, a professor as an advisor and/or coordinator 
    Software Platforms 
    There is no special preference on particular software platform. Participants can choose their preferred software platform in their contest. 
    Contest Awards 
    •  A framed certificate presented by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing , 
    •  Contest Exhibition with live demo and posters, co-located with SCC2007 and ICWS2007 conferences, 
    •  One Complementary Registration for SCC2007 under that condition that one team member should register first, 
    •  Total around $1000 cash award will be given the teams. 
    SCContest Chairs
    Zhixiong Chen
    Charles A. SHONIREGUN
    Yuan-Chwen You
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