[ANN] dbpedia.org - Querying Wikipedia like a Semantic Database

Hi all,

Do you know all mayors from towns elevated higher than 1000m, all 
sitcoms set in New York, or all philosophers that were influenced by 
Friedrich Nietzsche?

Wikipedia contains information required for answering such questions, 
but has the problem that its constricted search capabilities only allow 
very limited access to its valuable knowledge-base. The Semantic Web 
still lacks a critical mass of RDF data online and up-to-date terms and 
ontologies are missing for many application domains.

The dbpedia.org project approaches both problems by extracting
structured information from Wikipedia and by making this information
available on the Web. dbpedia.org allows you to ask sophisticated
queries against Wikipedia (like the ones mentioned above) and to link
other datasets on the Web to dbpedia data.

dbpedia.org features at the moment:

* two large extracted datasets for different purposes
* a SPARQL endpoint and a data browser
* a visual query builder

More information about the project can be found at:


Since it is a first effort to make these available to a larger audience,
we appreciate any feedback, comments and ideas for improvements.

On behalf of the dbpedia.org collaborators

Sören Auer, Chris Bizer, Richard Cyganiak, Georgi Kobilarov, and Jens 

Received on Tuesday, 23 January 2007 17:11:53 UTC