Semantic Web get-together Cambridge area

We are holding a local Cambridge/Boston area Semantic Web  meeting of
those interested in, or using or developing, Semantic Web technologies 
in the area.

There are so many exciting projects in the area, that we thought it 
would be fun to get people together informally to exchange news and 
views. We don't have an agenda as yet, though we could have some short 
presentations n the 'what have been up to' vein.
This could be the first of many -- we will see what people think.

       Monday   January 22, 2007
       4th floor in the Stata Center (Building 32 at MIT)

The elevators and the outdoors are normally locked at this time, so 
watch for further mail on how to get in!  The exact room is yet to be 
If you would like to come, please indicate so in email to so we have an idea of numbers.

Please PASS THIS ON to people you know. who are in the area and would be 

Tim Berners-Lee

Received on Friday, 12 January 2007 21:43:27 UTC