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Re: How semantic is semantic web?

From: Andreas Langegger <andreas.langegger@gmx.at>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 17:58:03 +0100
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To: rich@boakes.org
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in my opinion semantics like it's expressed with OWL or other knowledge
representation languages is the best we can do - semantic is created
during interpretation. Like our language is and Aristiteles et al. where
the first thinking about this (=> "onto logos").

Have a look in our slides from a talk at the IIWAS conference:

It's all about improving interoperability, find more expressive but
still rather generic data models and apply AI. It's no new technology -
new is the idea to use URIs and namespaces to enable distribution.


rich boakes wrote:
> From the article:
>> These technologies have in fact nothing to do with
>> semantics, because they never refer to anything in the
>> real world: they never have any meaning, except in the
>> mind of those expressing their knowledge in a
>> machine-readable language
>> It seems therefore misleading and unfitting to keep on
>> pointing with the word semantic a not semantic at all
>> technology.
> Semantic from the Greek "sema" which translates as "sign" or "coded
> message".
> The definite article "semantic web" does not exist; it never will.
> There is only the WWW which is forever becoming
> a more semantic web, i.e. the web with more signposts.
> Q: How semantic is semantic web?
> A: More than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

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