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Ann: Semantic Desktop Hands-On Workshop in April, in Berlin! (updated)

From: Leo Sauermann <leo.sauermann@dfki.de>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 12:19:50 +0100
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(update version, sorry, the last one had a few typos)


                    4th Semantic Desktop Hands-On Workshop
                             Berlin, April 2007

                         - Call for Participation -


The Hands-on Workshop will be an opportunity to learn about ongoing 
research and development effort in the area of Semantic Desktop, 
Semantic Web, and Personal Knowledge Management. It will consist of a 
scheduled program of talks, presentations and demos, and self-organized 
phases of active software development in small teams, on concrete projects.

Participation is open to all practitioners, researchers, and interested 
IT persons. We encourage participants to contribute by presenting demos 
of their work.

Deadline for registration and submissions is March 28th.

For more information, visit the workshop web page at

Date & Place

April 12th - 14th, 2007,
Freie Universitšt Berlin, Berlin, Germany


     * Exemplary applications that actually work
     * Technologies
           o Semantic Web Technologies
           o AI/machine learning methods for the Semantic Desktop
     * Related areas of interest such as
           o Semantic Desktop
           o Personal Information Managment
           o Personal Knowledge Management
           o Desktop Application Integration
           o Non-technical Aspects of Knowledge Work (Psychological, Social,
           o Visualization and User Interfaces for the Semantic Desktop
           o User Interfaces for Microformats and the Semantic Web
           o Scripting for the (Semantic) Desktop
     * Platforms, frameworks and other projects
           o The Nepomuk Project
           o Gnowsis
           o Deepa Mehta
           o DBin
           o Beatnik Address Book
           o LinkBack
           o Your project/framework/...?
           o Your topic/...?


Please send your registration to Arne Handt <handt@inf.fu-berlin.de> 
until March 28th. We encourage participants to give talks, presentations 
or demos on ongoing research and development effort, this is however not 
mandatory in order to participate. If you would like to contribute, 
please enclose a proposal for your contribution within your 
registration. We will have about 10 slots for talks/presentations, 30 
minutes each.

Your registration information should consist of

     * name and title,
     * affiliation,
     * research interest and activities,
     * expectations with regard to the workshop.

Participation fee for the four-day workshop is 30 Euros, to be paid at 
the first day on site.

If not indicated otherwise by you, we will put your name and affiliation on
the public list on the workshop's web page at


  * DFKI GmbH, http://www.dfki.de
  * FU Berlin/XML Clearinghouse, http://www.xml-clearinghouse.de
  * Leo Sauermann
  * Arne Handt
  * Anja Jentzsch
  * Richard Cyganiak
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