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new meaning for "rel"

From: Richard H. McCullough <rhm@PioneerCA.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 20:18:36 -0800
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My original concept of a binary relation used the example

1::    John rel father=Sam, mother=Susan;

In this case "father" and "mother" are really the argument names
of the [child:1, father:2] and [child:1, mother:2} relations.

MKE 7.3 permits forms like

2::    John rel isu person, isu engineer;

In this case, "isu" is the verb used to express the
[inidividual:1, concept:2] relation.  The statement above
is equivalent to these  two statements.

3::{    John isu person;
          John isu engineer;

or simply

4::    John isu person, engineer;

My motivation for introducing 2:: comes from XML, which
uses this form extensively in describing concepts.
For example, this DAML snippet is part of the Cyc Upper Ontology.

    <daml:Class rdf:ID="AbandoningSomething">
        <rdfs:comment>The collection of events in which some #$Agent
            deliberately gives up possession of something, without
            giving it to another.</rdfs:comment>
        <rdf:type rdf:resource="#TemporalObjectType"/>
        <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="#LosingUserRights"/>
        <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="#PurposefulAction"/>
        <daml:disjointWith rdf:resource="#GainingUserRights"/>

In MKE 7.3, this DAML snippet is translated into MKR as

    Class isg AbandoningSomething;
    AbandoningSomething has
        label = "abandonments",
        comment = "The collection of events in which some #$Agent\n
            deliberately gives up possession of something, without\n
            giving it to another.",
        guid = "bd67b7de-9c29-11b1-9dad-c379636f7270";
    AbandoningSomething rel
        isu TemporalObjectType,
        iss LosingUserRights,
        iss PurposefulAction,
        xor GainingUserRights;    

Dick McCullough
knowledge := man do identify od existent done;
knowledge haspart proposition list;
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