Re[2]: Cool URIs, the Semantic Web and Everything

HM> Now, due to X-mas approaching, let's relax and quiz a bit
Oh I *love* these quizzes!
HM> (multiple choice):

HM> Q.I: What is

HM> 1. A URI

HM> 2. A URL
I thought this term was deprecated by now.

HM> 3. A foaf:Person
HM> 4. Michael Hausenblas
HM> 6. An XHTML fragment

HM> Q.II:  What does identfiy?

HM> 1. A foaf:Person
HM> 2. Michael Hausenblas
HM> 4. An XHTML fragment
HM> 5. Depends on who looks at it: A Web UA 'sees' a XHTML fragment,
HM>    a SW agent a thing of type foaf:Person
HM> 6. Dunno until I do an HTTP GET 

7.  Dunno,  depends  on  how it is used. I need to find files that use the URI in a
context,  hopefully define it using URIs (or humand readable words) that I know.
Doing  an  HTTP  GET is a first attempt to get a document about it. Maybe it has
links to other documents. I should also try to use sindice.

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