Re: OntoGame: Weaving the Semantic Web by Online Games - Check it out today:

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Martin Hepp (UIBK) wrote:
> Dear all:
> We are proud to release the first one in our series of online computer
> games that turn core tasks of weaving the Semantic Web into challenging
> and interesting entertainment - check it out today at
> !

This is really nice - and fun as well, in a geeky way :) I found it a 
little confusing the first time around, I didn't realise it asked for 
more details sometimes. Will the data it generates be re-shared under 
some liberal Wikipedia-compatible license? (I didn't notice any 
terms-of-service in the signup procedures, but I wasn't looking 
carefully). It would also be great to have eg. a chat (eg. Jabber/IRC) 
interface, or some other (HTML is popular :) alternative to Flash, since 
Flash isn't too accessible, and SemWeb and Accessibility share a common 
agenda. But I don't mean to be negative, this is cool stuff, nice work. 
I'm interested to see the next games :)



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