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RDF123 maps spreadsheet data to RDF

From: Tim Finin <finin@cs.umbc.edu>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 01:06:59 -0400
Message-ID: <46D10A73.2080102@cs.umbc.edu>
To: semantic-web@w3.org

RDF123 is an application and web service for converting data in
simple spreadsheets to an RDF graph. The spreadsheets must
consist of a single table with or without header rows. Users
control how the spreadsheet's data is converted to RDF by
constructing a graphical RDF123 template that specifies how each
row in the spreadsheet is converted as well as metadata for the
spreadsheet and its RDF translation.  The graph produced for the
spreadsheet is the union of the sub-graphs created for each
row. The template itself is stored as a valid RDF document
encouraging reuse and extensibility.

The software is available in several versions (java, windows exe,
linux binary, and java servlet).  We are very interested in
feedback and suggestions.  for more information, see


  Tim Finin, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Univ of Maryland
  Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore MD 21250. finin@umbc.edu
  http://umbc.edu/~finin 410-455-3522 fax:-3969 http://ebiquity.umbc.edu
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