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Some advice on inferring negated properties

From: Matt Williams <matthew.williams@cancer.org.uk>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 08:39:10 +0100
Message-ID: <46C2AD9E.8030407@cancer.org.uk>
To: pellet-users <pellet-users@lists.owldl.com>, jena-dev@yahoogroups.com, protege-owl@smi.stanford.edu, Semantic Web <semantic-web@w3.org>

Dear All,

Apologies for sending this relatively widely - I thought that these 
lists are the closest the community who might have ideas.

I'm trying to use the negated object properties (in OWL 1.1), and was 
wondering what other people's experience had been.

Specifically, I have been having problems with finding an inference 
mechanism that will allow their creation. AFAIK, the Jena rules engine 
won't do it, and neither will SWRL (which doesn't /seem/ to allow it).

The best I could come up with was a "special" set of properties (e.g. 
notMyProp1, notMyProp2, where the ontology has MyProp1 & 2) and then 
some direct rdf manipulation to turn:

?x notMyProp1 ?y into
 (?x MyProp1 ?y)

Code wise this is not too bad (although I suspect scales badly), but it 
feels very "hacky".

Does anyone have any advice/ experience of doing this?

Thanks a lot,


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