Call For Participation: AAAI Fall Symposium on Integrating Reasoning into Everyday Applications


AAAI 2006 Fall Symposium on
Integrating Reasoning into Everyday Applications

October 13-14, 2006
Hyatt Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia


Registration Deadline: September 22, 2006
Discounted Hotel Deadline: September 20, 2006

Registration information is available at


The symposium will consist of several presentations, roundtables, and plenty
of time for discussion. The following talks are scheduled:

A Spreadsheet for Everyday Symbolic Reasoning
Iliano Cervesato

Adding Deductive Logic to a COTS Spreadsheet
Marcelo Tallis, Rand Waltzman, and Bob Balzer

Implementing Logic Spreadsheets in LESS
Andre Valente, David Van Brackle, Hans Chalupsky and Gary Edwards

Applying Common Sense Reasoning to Suggest Lines of Enquiry in a Knowledge
Management Application
Michael Witbrock

Using Logical and Probabilistic Reasoning to Support Electronic,
Interpersonal Interactions
Luke McDowell

Semantic Email Addressing: Sending to People, Not Strings
Michael Kassoff, Charles Petrie, Lee-Ming Zen and Michael Genesereth

Factored Planning for Controlling a Robotic Arm
Jaesik Choi and Eyal Amir

Integrating Logical Inference into Statistical Text Classification
Andrew Gordon and Reid Swanson

Organization (Alphabetical):

  Michael Kassoff (Stanford University)
  Heiner Stuckenschmidt (University of Mannheim)
  Andre Valente (Knowledge Systems Ventures)
  Michael Witbrock (Cycorp)

Program Committee:

Eyal Amir (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Richard Benjamins (ISOCO, Spain)
Hans Chalupsky (ISI)
Tim Finin (University of Maryland)
Lalana Kagal (MIT)
Holger Knublauch (TopQuadrant)
Luke McDowell (US Naval Academy)
Eyal Oren (DERI Galway, Ireland)
Filip Perich (Shared Spectrum Company)
Leo Sauermann (DFKI, Germany)
Michael Sintek (DFKI, Germany)
Warner ten Kate (Philips Research)
Frank van Harmelen (VU Amsterdam)

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