CFP: NCOR's Ontology for the Intelligence Community: Towards Effective Exploitation and Integration of Intelligence Resources, Nov 30-Dec 1, Columbia MD, USA

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Ontology for the Intelligence Community: Towards Effective 
Exploitation and Integration of Intelligence Resources.

November 30 - December 1, 2006.

Hilton Hotel, Columbia, Maryland, USA
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What is Ontology? 

What are the Goals of Ontology?

How Can Ontology Achieve these Goals?

The increasing volume, variety and velocity of intelligence analysis in
the post 9/11 era requires new approaches to information system design
that enable greater flexibility, precision, timeliness and automation
of analysis to maximize valuable human resources in responding to
fast-evolving threats. Ontology-based technology as applied in areas
such as bioinformatics has demonstrated the possibility of gains along
all these dimensions. The time is right to take ontology seriously also
in other spheres.

Recent years have seen a steep rise in the use of ontology-based
technology for intelligence information processing applications. But
the news from the ontology front is not all positive. Even among those
promoting ontology-based technology, there is little shared
understanding of how to develop high quality ontologies and of their
potential applications.

This workshop will bring together experts on ontology-based technology
with particular experience in the problems facing the intelligence
community. The first day will feature interactive sessions covering
foundational issues and key application domains for which
ontology-based technology is particularly suited. The second day will
feature presentations by technology leaders from within the
intelligence community, who will report on the successes and challenges
of the application of ontology in deployed applications.

Highly Interactive Sessions will Include:

Ontology and Data Integration
Bill Andersen
(Ontology Works, Inc.)

Drowning in Data but Dying of Thirst:
Challenges in Intelligence Analysis from a Practitioner's Viewpoint 
Maureen Baginski
(President of National Security Systems, Sparta; Former Executive
Assistant Director at FBI for Intelligence)

Tracking Referents
Werner Ceusters
(Reference Tracking Unit, NYS Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics
and Life Sciences)

Title to be Announced 
Fran Landolf (Consultant)

Vulnerability: An Ontological Analysis 
Eric Little (Center for Ontology and Interdisciplinary Studies)

More Things in Heaven and Earth:
Ontologies and Semantic Technology in the CIA's Strategy for Enterprise
Kevin S. Lynch (Ontologist, Applications Services, Central Intelligence

The Ontology Spectrum 
Leo Obrst (MITRE Corporation)

Ontology-Driven Reasoning: Successes in Bioinformatics 
Nigam Shah (NCBO, Stanford Medical Informatics)

Title to be Announced 
Jay Smart (Technical Director of the National Security Operations

Ontology: A Guide for the Intelligence Analyst
Barry Smith (National Center for Ontological Research, University at

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Workshop organized by the National Center for Ontological Research -

Co-sponsored by Ontology Works, Inc. 
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Voice: 703-983-6770 7515 Colshire Drive, M/S H305 
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