Re: Difference between Agents and (Semantic) Web Services

If you accept the WC3 definition that users of the web may be either human
or software agents ... then "web services are a type of software agent".

At the same time, given that we (at checkmi) and perhaps others, are
building semantic agents that are fuly compliant with popular  WS standards,
it would be accurate to say that "semantic software agents may be classified
as a type of semantic web service". As ever, it is merely a matter of
semantics :-}



On 10/25/06, Jyotishman Pathak <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Pardon me if this is a very naive question, but someone can please tell me
> crisply the difference(s) between software agents and (semantic) Web
> services? I have been trying to find out a comparison between them over the
> Web and came across the following:
>, which unfortunately did not
> suffice my query to its entirety.
> I look forward to your inputs.
> Thanks,
> - Jyoti
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