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Bernard, hello.

On 2006 Oct 24 , at 09.49, Bernard vatant wrote:

> I'm happy to see VO coming in the SW list, even if only in the form  
> of  a job announcement.
> I've been lurking for quite a while to the progress of IVOA [1]  
> towards adoption of semantic technologies

The various VO projects have indeed been sceptical about SW  
approaches (`this decade's fad...'!), but I believe there is indeed a  
slowly growing awareness that these approaches have strengths in  
interaction styles relevant to astronomy -- it's strongly peer-to- 
peer, meaning is important and can be contested, and so on.

> The Semantic Web community at large, IMO, is not aware enough of  
> this field, which is a very exciting opportunity to test efficiency  
> and scalability of semantic tools in "Big Science".

SW technologies (in a broad sense) have already been quite successful  
in bioinformatics, but I think that astronomy has features that  
stress a different part of the SW's `vision'.  In both cases, though,  
there's a target community of scientists who have absolutely no  
interest in the underlying technology, but who are willing to get  
behind anything which successfully provides interesting results.

In other words, the SW might be an example of something which really,  
really, _cannot_ be done with Fortran.

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