Re: Geonames enters the Semantic Web

Bernard vatant wrote:
> Hi Richard
>> You have to either do "the hash thing" or "the 303 thing" (see [1]),
>> combining both like this won't work because you'd have to set up a
>> document which contains the descriptions of
>> *all* your concepts.
> Thank you. I thought I had understood it all at last, but now I'm
> completely lost again. :-D
> You mean if we do the hash thing, we don't need redirection? So what is
> supposed to happen then with
> " " in a http GET ?

The web server would only see
so you'd need something *before* the # if you want the server to be able
to discriminate and send different RDF for different parts of the dataset.

> I'm lost for the moment, sorry. I guess I have to go and re-read all
> this prose I've tried desperately to make sense of ...

Are the recipies in helpful here?

>> I think this is all you'd have to do to get the TAG stamp of approval.
> <rant>
> Please folks, if you want to have people jump happily in the SW train,
> stop saying in specifications and recommendations : you can do this way,
> or that way, or otherwise, "it does not matter". 

Put ID numbers on the left side of #, and append #it, to avoid messing
around with HTTP redirects.



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