ANN: Querying the complete Semantic Web with SPARQL

Hi all,


we have released a Semantic Web Client Library which represents the complete Semantic Web as a single RDF graph. 


The library enables applications to query this global graph using SPARQL- and find(SPO) queries. To answer queries, the library dynamically retrieves information from the Semantic Web by dereferencing HTTP URIs and by following rdfs:seeAlso links using a similar directed-browsing algorithm as the Tabulator browser. The library is written in Java and is based on the Jena framework.


For example, executing the SPARQL query "Find all developers of the Tabulator project, their email addresses and other projects they are involved in." against Semantic Web results into information about 8 developers. To answer the query, the library retrieves 15 documents from the Semantic Web. 


More information about the library is found on the project's website:





Chris Bizer

Richard Cyganiak

Tobias Gauss




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Received on Monday, 9 October 2006 16:32:37 UTC