Re: Why JSON?

The way I see, personally, is that RDF/OWL are abstract models and there
are various serialization of those. There is RDF/XML and Turtle, and
both are o.k. Similarly, for, eg, a SPARQL return, there is XML and JSON
and it will depend on what you do which one you will prefer; the
important is the 'abstract' SPARQL query and what it returns.

Ie: I do not see JSON and RDF/OWL at the same level of abstraction at all...



Hans Teijgeler wrote:
> Folks,
> Can someone explain to me why I would need JSON if I work with RDF and OWL?
> JSON may be slick, but it contributes to further fragmentation of the IT
> world, I think. Or am I totally wrong?
> Please enlighten me.
> Regards,
> Hans
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