Re: Identification systems for movie (cinema), book, music and score, etc.

Tony Hammond wrote:
> Hi Karl:
> Just to clarify about DOI, this passage (below) from the IDF home page
> ( DOI's are used to identify and manage (on a digital
> network) entities of significance within IPR transactions. There is no
> restriction that the resource be digital (whether online or not), although
> even the online resources can go back aways. Oldest DOI registered with
> CrossRef is from 1769:
> Scope of DOI is also unbounded and increasingly they are being applied to
> datasets as well as publications. reminds 
me that it costs money to be able to assign DOIs.

If I'm an end-user of DOIs, will my DOI metadata be available to the 
world thru DOI/IDF in perpetuity, regardless of the success/failure of 
any intermediary businesses who sold me my DOIs?


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