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Fwd: Los Alamos National Lab (NM) job opening for developer/programmer

From: Danny Ayers <danny.ayers@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:48:33 +0100
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[apologies if another copy finds its way to the list, but a job
description that begins "Deploy a large-scale RDF triple store" should
be irresistable over here]

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From: jb <johanbollen@comcast.net>
Date: 09-Nov-2006 23:56
Subject: Los Alamos National Lab (NM) job opening for developer/programmer
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Hi all,

I thought the following job opening may be of interest to this
community. Please find a copy of the job and project description below.
Feel free to pass this to anyone who may potentially be interested.

All interested parties please respond to <jbollen@lanl.gov>.

Best regards,

Johan Bollen.

Johan Bollen
Los Alamos National Laboratory (P362-proto)
Los Alamos, NM 87545
Ph: 505 606 0030, Fx: 505 665 6452
jbollen@lanl.gov, http://public.lanl.gov/jbollen


Effective: Immediately
Contact: Johan Bollen (LANL) <jbollen@lanl.gov>
Institution: LANS, Los Alamos National Laboratory, STBPO-RL
Employment Type: Limited Term (2 years)
Clearance required: None
URL: <http://www.mesur.org>

The MESUR project is looking for a technical staff member to support
grant-funded digital library research & prototyping efforts. This
opportunity requires a highly creative technical person who wants to
join innovative information researchers in rethinking aspects of
scholarly communication in the digital, networked era, more
specifically to work collaboratively in a research effort aimed at
identifying novel indicators for the assessment of the quality of units
of scholarly communication. In this realm, the qualified candidate will
focus on research, prototyping, and software tool creation, and may be
involved in technical specification, and eventually standardization.

The successful candidate will work on the Digital Library Research and
Prototyping Team.  That Team operates by assimilating cutting-edge
concepts from information science, computer science, digital library
research, as well as web research and practice, and using those
concepts to rethink various aspects of scholarly communication.  The
internationally renown Team is involved in high-profile research
projects funded, amongst others, by the Library of Congress, and the
National Science Foundation.   Specifically, the successful candidate
will work collaboratively with the team leader, the principal
investigator, and colleagues in the following areas.

Job description:
·    Deploy a large-scale RDF triple store;
·    Design and implement ontologies for the representation of a
variety of scholarly entities;
·    Ingest large datasets pertaining to the process of scholarly
communication (bibliographic data, usage data, etc) into the triple
store, including addressing significant entity de-duplication issues;
·    Support a wide variety of analysis and visualization efforts on
the basis of ingested scholarly data;
·    Other work areas will be assigned as appropriate.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
·    Significant programming experience in Java and at least one of
the following languages: C, C++, Perl, XSLT, Python;
·    Experience with, or strong interest in learning, Lisp or Prolog;
·    Understanding of, and experience with, applying standards such
as XML, XML Schema, RDF, OWL, UML, and associated tools;
·    Significant experience working with and developing on Linux
·    Understanding of the process of scholarly communication, and of
scholarly bibliographic information;
·    Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a team leader
and with members of a technical team in achieving common goals;
·    Demonstrated ability to work autonomously in the realm of
discovering, exploring, and assimilating technical information, and in
analyzing problems, proposing and implementing solutions;
·    Demonstrated effective communication skills, both verbal and

Desired Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:
·    Demonstrated ability to rapidly learn new technologies;

Education, Training, or Licensing:
M.S. degree in computer science, mathematics, information science, or
physics and relevant high-level experience in programming -or-
equivalent combination of education and experience.

Please contact:
Johan bollen <jbollen@lanl.gov>, voice: 505 606 0030
Herbert Van de Sompel <herbertv@lanl.gov>


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funds two-year LANL project for the
development of metrics derived from scholarly usage data.

Los Alamos, New Mexico, November 6th 2006 - The Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation has awarded funding to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
in support of the two-year MESUR project that will investigate metrics
derived from the network-based usage of scholarly information. The
Digital Library Research & Prototyping Team of the LANL Research
Library will carry out the project. Johan Bollen is the Principal
Investigator, Herbert Van de Sompel serves as an architectural
consultant, and Aric Hagberg of the LANL Mathematical Modeling and
Analysis group serves as modeling consultant. Marko A. Rodriguez, PhD
student at the University of California Santa Cruz and LANL Graduate
Research Assistant, supports the project's research and development.

The project's major objective is enriching the toolkit used for the
assessment of the impact of scholarly communication items, and hence of
scholars, with metrics that derive from usage data. The project will
start with the creation of a semantic model of scholarly communication,
and an associated large-scale semantic store that relates a range of
scholarly bibliographic, citation and usage data obtained from a
variety of sources. Next, an investigation into the definition and
validation of usage-based metrics will be conducted on the basis of
this comprehensive collection. Finally, the defined metrics will be
cross-validated, resulting in the formulation of guidelines and
recommendations for future applications of metrics derived from
scholarly usage data. Project results will be made public on the
project's web site <http://www.mesur.org/>.

The MESUR project currently has an open position for a software
developer; a job description is available at

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