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When you are talking about using triplets, where are you going to store all
the information, in an rdf/owl file, and no databases at all?

On 11/2/06, Danny Ayers <> wrote:
> On 01/11/06, Elias Torres <> wrote:
> "Do you know of any providers of social networking software that is
> based on semantic web architectures such as RDF, OWL, or Topic Maps?"
> Assuming you mean along the lines of Friendster, I can't really think of
> any, though e.g. LiveJournal I believe provides FOAF (along the lines Eric
> mentioned I guess, templated from an RDBMDS) - I think crschmidt was
> involved. DBin does newsgroup-like social stuff using RDF.
> Don't forget to try #foaf on, and there's alway the the
> FOAF list (cc'd).
> Time you built one ;-)
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> Danny.
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