ActiveRDF 0.1 released: object-oriented RDF in Ruby


FYI, we have recently released the first version of ActiveRDF [1], an 
object-oriented library for accessing RDF data (Person.firstName
instead of Resource.getProperty).  See the website for more examples, 
information and download.

ActiveRDF is completely dynamic, offers full manipulation and querying of 
RDF data, does not rely on a schema and can be used against different 
data-stores. In addition, the integration with the popular Rails framework 
enables very easy development of Semantic Web applications.

ActiveRDF can be compared with other approaches, such as RDFReactor [2],
Elmo [3] and Jastor [4], but uses the flexibility of a scripting language  
to (better) adhere to the RDF philosophy: it does not assume a schema, it 
does not assume that a schema is stable and it does not assume all data to 
conform to a schema (if given).  

If people are interested, I could give more details about the challenges of 
doing object-oriented RDF access, the problems when using a statically 
typed compiled language and the advantages of using a scripting language.

And of course, the coolest thing is Ruby and the integration with Rails!



Received on Friday, 31 March 2006 15:38:07 UTC