Handling Intention in Ontology

Dear List,

I've currently got a basic clinical ontology (see 
http://acl.icnet.uk/%7Emw/MDMDomain0.1.owl for details) that has a few 
classes for people/ patients/ diseases/ treatments/ etc.

I'm trying to add the idea of intentional-ity to it (a la BDI model, but 
nothing at complex as a full BDI model). For example, I would like to 
say that Mrs. X has the intention to have Treatment Y. At some other 
point, I might like to say that Mrs. X has Treatment Y (i.e. she has 
committed to it and gone ahead).

My current idea is to have a "hasIntention" property and "Intention" 
Class, so we might say:

Mrs X. hasIntention Int.1 hasTreatment Chemotherapy to express the idea 
that Mrs. X has an Intention to have some Chemotherapy.

Has anyone done this before? Any other ideas?



Dr. M. Williams MRCP(UK)
Clinical Research Fellow,
Cancer Research UK
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Received on Tuesday, 28 March 2006 14:10:47 UTC