Re: RDFSync 0.1

Danny Ayers wrote:
> That reminds me, after seeing your DBin demo I planned to re-read the
> docs on Minimum Self-Contained Graphs [2],  RDF Molecules [3] and
> Concise Bounded Resource Descriptions [4], still not had chance. I'm
> still confused over the similarities/differences and circumstances for
> which each would be better. Has anyone by any chance done a short
> compare and contast?
Let me try a short one:

- expands a resource to a graph by following all properties and 
expanding their values recursively iff they are anonymous.
- Bug: considering properties more important than their inverse 
properties, unsuitable with OWL reasoners. Different B-Nodes may result 
in equivalent CBD, unless tere is no such thing as the CBD of b-node.

- like CBD but consider properties in both directions, fixing the bugs 
of CBD
- Disadvantage: potentially big graphs, (all my anonymous friends are 
part of the same MSG)

- like MSG but also stops recursion at nodes grounded with functional 
and/or inverse functional properties.
- Classification of different types of molecules
- Disadvantages:
1. the price of having the smallest lossless decomposition of a graph: 
it is more complex
2. the concept has to be extended (as in rdf-utils) to predictably 
decompose a graph into the same set of components


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