Re: OWL Web Ontology Language

On 3/16/06, Peter F. Patel-Schneider <> wrote:
> From: "Hans Teijgeler" <>
> Subject: RE: OWL Web Ontology Language
> Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 21:29:07 +0100
> > Or the example I raised in the past:
> > How do you represent the fact that the Ford Company (an Individual)
> > manufactures Mustangs (a Class)?
> > Hans
> Well, again, just what do you mean here?

A very good question. Although OWL has the concept of Class, maybe
what you want is the class of Concept. I'm not entirely sure, but I've
a feeling Ford Mustangs could be modelled pretty usefully using SKOS
[1] and/or FRBR [2]. The former has Broader/NarrowerInstantive, the
latter distinguishes between a Work and a Manifestation (of the work).
This kind of loosening/indirection does mean that subsumption
reasoning isn't directly available, but being able to make a more
accurate model of real world may in many cases be worth the cost.




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