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Joint Special Edition of AIS SIGSEMIS ( and OPEN

Semantic Web Fact Book 2005 


Call for Contributions 

The Special Interest Group on the Semantic Web and Information Systems of
Association for Information systems (AIS SIGSEMIS)
( seek contributions for a special
edition, the Semantic Web Fact Book that is planned to be published (Open
Access at no cost) every year on mid April. 

2005 was for Semantic Web community a Great Year. 

Magnificent Events, Excellent performance of SW Research and Competence
Centers worldwide, New Publication Outlets, Fantastic Publications, Books
on the State of the Art of SW, BIG R&D Projects and amazing Commercial

We do believe that is an excellent way to communicate to the whole world
the evolution of the SW and more over to develop bridges with other
disciplines that want to be part of our vision. 

Semantic Web for AIS SIGSEMIS is not just a technological matter. Not even
a machine-understandable data. It is a paradigm shift of our society
towards the exploitation of universal knowledge. 

Types of Contributions: 

We developed several templates for contributions: 

· Short Article (Two general types. Position documents on the Evolution of
the SW in 2005, and position documents on a key theme of SW research and
industry agenda)
· Company Presentations (aiming to promote the commercial SW products as
well as leading edge research in Labs)
· Country Report (aiming to describe the SW research in countries. This
will give the opportunities for introducing SW community to the world.)
· Event Report (aiming to present key events that took place in 2005 and
planned for 2006)
· R&D project report (aiming to communicate research outcomes and to give
awareness for the SW through R&D projects – and of course to give
opportunities for scientific social networking) 

At the end of the book we will have a Yellow Pages Section aiming to

· Published Books
· Bibliography of Articles in International Journals (we will develop an
ENDNOTE library for this)
· PhD and Master thesis finished in 2005. 

We plan to dedicate one page for each of these types per contributor. 

Special Features 

· Interviews from 3 international well known academics and 2 industry
· Special ads of Journals, Products and
· Special offers 


Our special editions aims at helping in communicating and disseminating
relevant and recent research on the Semantic Web domain targeting on our
society. SW is not a case of a close club of researchers not even a domain
for elitism. 

And a Great Thank you 

We would like to thank our Community for the great support. Your current
contributions exceed by far our expectation.. 

Important Dates 

25th March 2006 Submission of manuscripts
15th  April 2006 Publication online
Late 2006 Limited Printed Version 

Style and Author Guidelines
In order to avoid time loss in term of formatting, please use the
templates that are available in 

· Template for Short Article
· Template for Company Presentation
· Template for Country Report
· Template for Event Report
· Template for R&D project report 

Please submit your contribution to Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras
( with a cc to and subject

[Note: If you wish an ad to FACT BOOK contact Miltiadis ; this will be at
no cost and only with the obligation to provide a link from your web page
to SIGSEMIS and Fact Book] 

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