Re: add Turtle examples to specs

Let's hope they don't take too much time to agree on an easy to  
teach, read, understand syntax. Perhaps if they could agree that a  
well known subset was something they could build on, such as Turtle,  
one could proceed to change the current specs.

Also having examples in Turtle and rdf/xml would have the following  
   - it would help people learn rdf/xml if they knew turtle
   - and vice versa
   - but most of all it would make it clear that rdf is not about  
syntax but about the model behind it.

   I still have difficulty understand rdf/xml by the way (and can't  
be bothered to tell the truth), and only work with N3.

Henry Story
Sem Web Research, Sun Microsystems

On 10 Mar 2006, at 23:20, Dave Beckett wrote:

> As to making new RDF syntaxes, the RIF WG has that in their  
> charter, at
> least for one targeted at rules.

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