gnowsis beta technology preview released today.

The knowledge management lab at DFKI, Kaiserslautern releases the 
Gnowsis Beta 0.9 Technological Preview today!

Gnowsis is a tool for realising the Semantic Desktop - a desktop where 
all your data is inter-linked and related. Gnowsis gives you a tool for 
structuring your data as well as your thoughts!

Gnowsis 0.9 is a brand new release of Gnowsis. The Beta 0.9 
Technological Preview is a first release for other developers to look at 
the technolocigal changes. For End-Users, this release does not offer 
much. The core idea of Gnowsis remains but most of what goes on 
underneath the interface has been re-engineered. In the new Gnowsis we 
have thought longer and harder about our use of ontologies, our use of 
desktop applications as RDF datasources, and the separation of a user's 
data and his mental model of the same. The result is a new cleaner, 
faster and happier Gnowsis!

Some of the new features of Gnowsis 0.9 include:

    * Integration with Aperture <> for easy
      integration of the data in the applications you already use on
      your desktop!
    * A new approach to personal information management. We call it your

    * Integration with Kaukolu Wiki <>.
    * Quick and easy full-text searching of all your data using Lucene.



Gnowsis 0.9 runs on Windows, Linux and Macosx. Download zip, or MacOSX 
image here: downloadlink 

Leo Sauermann

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