RE: 8 points for GRDDL

Please can someone tell me which is the public list on which it is
possible to discuss GRDDL, RDDL and their interaction.  The only 
place I see RDDL discussed is on www-tag.  As for GRDDL, there seems 
to be no public discussion.  In the IPTC NewsML 2 WP, we're 
discussing whether, and if so how, to use these technologies for 
NewsML 2, but see no forum where we can ask questions and discuss 


NewsML 2 resources:        | |

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Taken from Cannes conference:

1. Tutorial for using GRDDL with xml schemas (Murray)
2. An exploration for 3rd party semantics or scraping
3. Embedded RDF tutorial done by Ian Davis. Reference it.
4. Keep tabulator up to date with GRDDL test suite?
6. do not limit rdf/xml as output
7. outreach (?)
8. Metadata for transformations (Brian)

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