Re: RDF / OWL sample data

If you want a moderate sized RDF file which, I think, is good for
testing, you can try:

which is the RDF based description of all W3C technical reports
(recommendations, etc). I know I used this for testing some of my
software, it was very useful.


Aldo Bucchi wrote:
> Hi all,
> Coming out of my lurker mode hehe...
> I am looking for a set of sound RDF data of a simple and intuitive
> domain that I can use to run some tests ( je suis building a fresnel
> implementation ) .
> Something like Persons, Relatives, Cars, Pets
> or Products, Categories ( retail ), etc...
> Browsing libraries, pharmaceutic catalogs or research papers gets a
> little boring after a while LOL.
> any pointers appreciated!
> PD: a little RDFS/OWL would be a plus so I could stack some inference
> in the middle, but not really necessary.
> Thanks ;)
> Aldo


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