Tabulator release 0.7: AJAX Semantic Web browser

Why make a mash-up when you can use a generic mash-up for all kinds
of data at once?

The Tabulator development team announces the release 0.7 of the  
an open source Semantic Web Browser using AJAX and RDF.

The Tabulator loads RDF data from the web as you explore, and then  
allows you to
slice it and dice it into tables, and project it onto maps and  

New this release:

	- Multiple queries at the same time
	- Multiple queries overlaid on same map and/or calendar views
	- Query by example generates SPARQL implicitly
	- Optional direct SPARQL query editing in SPARQL view
	- Full, tested RDF/XML parser
	- Lots of little additions
	- Bug tracker
	- list for further announcements
	- Tutorials on using the maps, calendars, etc

So, for example, you can find geo-coded photos and find coffee shops and
put them onto the same

Received on Monday, 17 July 2006 15:05:46 UTC