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[ANN] Falcon-S - A Semantic Image Search Engine

From: Honghan Wu <hhwu@seu.edu.cn>
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 23:27:58 +0800
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Falcon-S is a semantic image search engine. The current version of Falcon-S
focuses on the soccer domain. Falcon-S crawls the World Wide Web for
images on soccer, including players, teams, coaches, competitions (involving
the latest FIFA World Cup 2006), etc. At present, Falcon-S provides the
following services:

- Key words based search. When searching related images, Falcon-S identifies 
  objects (e.g., players, teams) in the soccer domain from user input  keywords and 
  gives a full list of semantic associated objects for each identified object.

- Semantic search. Falcon-S provides a graph-based user interface to let the 
   user define interesting semantic queries to search related images.

- Explore.  In Falcon-S, the user can browse crawled images navigated by
  domain konwledge base and semantic associations.

Falcon-S crawls the World Wide Web for images on soccer, analyses their
context and indexes them on the individuals (e.g., players, teams) in a
knowledge base described by a background soccer ontology. The knowledge
base integrates the information from the official web site of FIFA, UEFA and etc.
Keyword-based searches are mapped to one or more such individuals, and the
related images are returned. Besides, users can further explore associated
individuals and their related images. Falcon-S provides a GUI to custom
semantic associations, query the individuals subject to them, and search
related images. In addtion, Falcon-S facilitates the low-level features of crawled 
images such as color histogram to improve the performance.

Try and enjoy Falcon-S!

Falcon-S is a member of the Falcon family developed by the XObjects Group,
Southeast University, China.
Contact us: hhwu@seu.edu.cn

Honghan Wu
XObject Group
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Southeast University

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