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Re: baseURI - SPARQL endpoint - Named Graph

From: Richard Newman <r.newman@reading.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 09:56:18 -0700
Message-Id: <A83133C2-624E-41E4-AFDD-E1F0C862694B@reading.ac.uk>
Cc: "SW-forum" <semantic-web@w3.org>, "Paap, Onno" <onno.paap@gmail.com>
To: "Hans Teijgeler" <hans.teijgeler@quicknet.nl>
The base URI is a URI that is used to resolve a relative URI during  
parsing of a SPARQL query.

A SPARQL endpoint is a service to which you can send protocol  
requests. This is identified by a URI.

A named graph is a collection of triples identified by a URI.

You can, if you wish, have a SPARQL service at <http://example.com/>,  
use that as your base URI, and have all of its triples stored in a  
graph named by that URI. That sounds like the situation you're  
talking about.

More likely, you'll have no base URI (that's imposed by someone  
writing a query), a SPARQL endpoint of something like <http:// 
example.com/sparql/>, and be storing things in named graphs like  
<http://example.com/data/hans/>. The commonality comes from owning  
the domain.

Can you be more specific?


On  5 Jul 2006, at 9:22 AM, Hans Teijgeler wrote:

> Hi,
> Even after reading all sorts of documentation we keep being puzzled  
> about the real difference (if any) between:
> base URI
> SPARQL endpoint
> Named Graph
> If we keep them the same our stuff works, but we would like to know  
> for 100% why, so what the relationships between these three  
> concepts are.
> Anybody out there who can shed some light on this?
> Regards,
> Hans

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