Exact Search

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have an area of interest which I am hoping the Semantic Web Interest
Group may take an interest in. It covers some of the same territory as
"web services" and the "semantic web".
I call the area "exact search". It is an attempt to address the problems
that web key word searches using search engines have. Especially the
issue of irrelevant results. 
An "exact search" is a search featuring a number of terms where what is
sought is a definition, explanation, translation, calculation or some
other function of the terms such that the result is definitive,
complete, authoritative, and optimally singular.
I have written a paper on exact search. The paper proposes the
development of a standard wws (world wide search). The technical tactics
adapted by wws are:
*	The use of Relations rather than Pages as the basic unit of
*	The use of "remote service relations" which are RDF's which have
"resources" which are "web services" which implement "language games"
expressed in relations.
*	The modeling of interoperable distributed processes as processes
which implement the same language game by implementing the same
*	The use of search indexes or directories which leverage "service
identifiers" associated with "language games".
*	The use of communication which emulates human communication by
allowing communicators to progressively build on previous
*	The use of communication which emulates human communication by
allowing symbols to be freely mixed in new and different ways.
*	The use of "interpreter services" to interpret between processes
running different language game versions or different language games.
*	The use of both Search Services, the end points of search, and
Search Agents, orchestrators of search.
The main innovation in the paper is to propose the concept of "language
game" as a competitor to the concept of "ontology" in the area of
semantics. "remote service relations" constitute the key technical
If there is interest in this area, then I would like to have a
discussion group review the paper, and then establish a project to
develop the area.
The url of the paper is 
The paper is an incomplete draft, with work still in progress. However,
I would appreciate knowing whether your organization would be like to
take an interest in the area.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your attention.
Best Regards.
Gerard McGovern

Received on Sunday, 26 February 2006 13:34:47 UTC