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Elias Torres wrote:

> Misha Wolf wrote:
> > The News Industry (ie the News Agencies, represented by the 
> > International Press Telecommunications Council) has decided to 
> > develop a standard for B2B News exchange which is designed to be 
> > compatible with the Semantic Web.  I know of no other industry 
> > whose entire output will form part of the Semantic Web.  Do you?
> > 
> Misha,
> It took me forever (not really, but more than I'd wish it had) to 
> find a NewsML sample online.

for specs, samples, transforms to RDF, etc.

> I tried submitting it to the W3C RDF Validator and checked the 
> option (RDF not enclosed with RDF tags) but it failed to validate.

Indeed.  We considered and rejected the option of carrying NewsML 2 
metadata as RDF/XML.  This is because the likelihood of all of the 
developers who will be writing software to produce/consume NewsML 2 
becoming sufficiently familiar with RDF/XML is approximately 0.

> Could you please specify in which way you mean is compatible with 
> SW?
> (Of course besides the fact that it can be converted to RDF 
> through an XSLT).

The following design decisions make NewsML compatible with the SW:

-  Values (other than dates, integers, etc) are, wherever possible, 
   represented by URIs.  This applies, in particular, to all terms 
   in taxonomies (representing subjects, genres, etc).

-  The semantic mapping from NewsML 2 syntax to RDF is provided in 
   the NewsML 2 specs.

-  We shall provide XSLT transforms to suitable RDF formats.

Here's a quote from the NewsML 2 Model:

| As the NAR aims to be compatible with the Semantic Web of the W3C 
| it is also compatible with their underlying technology, the 
| Resource Description Framework (RDF). But the IPTC model and 
| syntax implementation of metadata do not require any knowledge 
| about RDF, any transformation from the IPTC metadata model to RDF 
| will be done by means beyond the NAR. Transforms to RDF/XML will 
| be achieved by using a mechanism like GRDDL [GRDDL], so that 
| those who wish to convert the metadata to RDF triples can do so.

[Note: NAR stands for NewsML 2 Architecture]

In taking this approach, we are in reputable company.  The RDF-in-
XHTML task force has been our inspiration, though having somewhat 
different constraints, we have selected a different syntax.


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