Re: Calculating concept distance in an ontology

Besides the ontology alignment literature, there are also some papers (and
even systems) on similarity of concepts and instances within one ontology:

(SimPack Framework) Bernstein, A., Kaufmann, E., B├╝rki, C., Klein, M.,

Object Similarity in Ontologies: A Foundation for Business

Systems and High-Performance Retrieval.

In: 25th Int. Conf. on Information

Oldakowski, R., Bizar, C., 2005. SemMF: A Framework

for Calculating
Semantic Similarity of Objects Represented

as RDF Graphs, Poster at the 4th
Int. Semantic

Web Conference

Culmone, R., Rossi, G. and Merelli, E., 2002.
An Ontology

Similarity Algorithm for BioAgent (Poster),

NETTAB02 Agents
in Bioinformatics, Bologna

and last but not least, our own approach as
described in:

Hefke, M., Zacharias, V., Biesalski, E., Abecker A., Wang,
Q., Breiter, M.

An extendable Java Framework for Instance Similarities in

In: 8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems,
23 - 27, May 2006, Paphos - Cyprus 

(so its not really published yet, but
I could send it to you)


Maedche, A., Zacharias, V.:

Clustering Ontology-based
Metadata in the Semantic Web

Proceedings of the Joint Conferences 13th European
Conference on Machine Learning (ECML'02) and 6th European Conference on Principles
and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD'02), Springer, LNAI,
Finland, Helsinki, 2002 2002/09/01


valentin zacharias


--- Simon Price < wrote:

> A good starting point might be the EU Knowledge Web project reports on

> ontology alignment. 



> Related to this is the literature on record linkage, identity 

> uncertainty,
entity resolution, distances on structured data and a host 

> of other names
from slightly different communities.


> Simon


> Matt Williams wrote:

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> > Dear Lists,

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> > Does anyone have any pointers to literature
on measuring the 'distance' 

> > between concepts in an ontology?

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> > Thanks,

> > Matt

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