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From: Kashyap, Vipul <VKASHYAP1@PARTNERS.ORG>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 13:13:00 -0500
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The ISWC 2006 Program Committee invites proposals for the Workshop Program of

2006, the Fifth International Semantic Web Conference, to be held November 5-9,

in Athens, Georgia, United States. Workshops will be held on Sunday, November 6,




The purpose of the workshops is to provide an informal setting for workshop
participants to 

discuss technical issues, to exchange research ideas, and to develop a community
in the 

quickly emerging field of the Semantic Web. We are also looking for workshops
that encourage 

discussions on user and business requirements and how semantic web technologies

be deployed and operationalized in real world scenarios. In particular, from a

perspective, we will encourage workshops that investigate the use and
application of semantic 

web technologies in specific domains and explore best practices and adaptation
of those

technologies in these contexts. These workshops are expected to complement those

focus on fundamental research issues and multi-disciplinary topics.


Workshop proposals should address current issues related  to the Semantic Web
that will 

benefit from small-group information exchange and discussion. Workshops are
intended to 

be genuine interactive events and not mini-conferences. We expect to have a wide
range of 

workshops, including those that

- focus on a specific domain of activity, e.g., finance, telecom, life science,
digital government, etc.

- focus on fundamental research issues,

- discuss multi-disciplinary topics that bring together researchers from
different disciplines,

- support the interaction of research and industry for the deployment and
operationalization of 

  Semantic Web applications.




Workshop proposals should be no more than 3 pages in length and should contain

following information:

- The title and brief technical description of the workshop, specifying  the
goals and the 

   technical issues that it  will focus on.

- A brief discussion of why the topic is of particular interest at this time.

- A brief description of why and to whom the workshop is of interest, the


- A brief description of the proposed workshop format, discussing the mix of

  such as paper presentations, invited talks, panels, and general discussion.

- An indication of whether the workshop should be considered for a half-day or
full-day meeting.

- A list of related workshops or similar events held in the last 3 years, or to
be held in 2006.

- The names and contact information (web page, email address) of the proposed

  committee and short description of their relevant experience. 

We strongly advise having more than one organizer, preferably from different
institutions, bringing 

different perspectives to the workshop topic. Workshop attendees must pay the
ISWC 2006 

workshop registration fee, as well as the conference registration fee.


Please send your proposals by April 3, 2006 and any inquiries by email to Vipul

(vkashyap1@partners.org). Workshop proposals may be submitted in any format,
Word, text or PDF




April 3, 2006: Workshop proposals due

May 1, 2006: Notification of proposal acceptance

May 8, 2006: URL for the workshop web page due

October 6, 2006: Electronic version of working notes for the workshop due

November 6, 2006: Workshop day

November 5-9: ISWC 2006 Technical Program.



Vipul Kashyap, Ph.D.

Senior Medical Informatician

Clinical Informatics R&D, Partners HealthCare System

Phone: (781)416-9254

Cell: (617)943-7120



To keep up you need the right answers; to get ahead you need the right questions

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