Re: rdf crystalization

On 31 Aug 2006, at 11:56, Henry Story wrote:
>>       * My XML/RDF QBE syntax
>>         ( 
>> html/2005/Vlist01/EML2005Vlist01.html) is crystalized.
>>       * My main contribution to the INSEE geographical ontology
>>         ( has been to make sure that it
>>         crystalizes nicely. If you look at one of the instance  
>> documents
>>         such as you'll  
>> see
>>         that we've done a very good job to keep the "RDF tax" as  
>> low as
>>         possible and I plan to write a RELAX NG schema to describe  
>> this
>>         serialization.
> I have added those two as examples to my blog. But I notice that  
> you don't make your terms available via http GET
> for example I can't get
> Also I don't think coming up with a new query language is so  
> important. The xml people have xquery and the rdf people have  
> SPARQL. That's good enough.

You know, it's kind of funny that I should have said that about your  
query language. It turns out I just re-invented query by example  
myself just a few days ago. I just did not realize I had, and did not  
even realize it was related to your paper.

I'll have to give it a closer look now :-)


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