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Re: Reifying triples as unique URIs

From: Christian Morbidoni <christian@puzzleweb.it>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 18:44:16 +0200
Message-ID: <44D76DE0.50600@puzzleweb.it>
CC: semantic-web <semantic-web@w3.org>

Max Völkel ha scritto:
> Now  the challenge is, you should try to re-use the same "x", as often
> as semantically possible.
> When the same "knowing" from a to c is occurring, use the same x.
> If a knows c in two different ways, use two different URIs.
> e.g.
> (a,x,c)
> (x, rdfs:subPropertyOf, foaf:knows)
> (a,y,c)
> (y, rdfs:subPropertyOf, foaf:knows)
> an then we can add
> x hasHappendenIn :Kindergarten
> and they got sepratated and years later they met again
> y hasHappendedIn :HighSchool
> - you get the example I hope.
> What  do  you think about the idea to reify triples as unique property
> URIs? Has this been discussed elsewhere?
I saw a similar idea some time ago in a post...may be it was not the 
very same...anyway..
I don't like the approach and I think it is in some way conceptually 
If you specilize  a property (e.g. reads_at_my_desk     
rdfs:subPropertyOf     reads) and then make some statement about it 
(e.g. reads_at_my_desk   ex:happens_in   ex:my_office) than you are 
reifing the act of reading something sitting at my desk but  not the 
statement in which teh property is used...
if I say

ex:christian       ex:reads_at_my_desk         ex:paper_1
ex:john             ex:reads_at_my_desk         ex:paper_2

what do I have to do to actually talk about the fact that chritian was 
reading paper_1? for example if I want to specify the moment in which an 
action has been done I can't say:  ex:reads_at_my_desk   ex:when   
well you could invent a new property that is 
"ex:reads_at_my_desk_in_august2006" and then make a new statement
(christian   ex:reads_at_my_desk_in_august2006   ex:paper_1), but irt 
seems to me not so convenient :-)

So I think the approach might be useful in some cases (e.g. you can 
reuse the 'reads_at_my_desk' property each time you want to say that 
someone is reading something while sitting at the desk), but it does not 
solve the problem...you still need reification or something similar.


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