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From: Dr. Francis MUGUET <muguet@wtis.org>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 21:53:32 +0200
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It might of interest for people that wish
to broadcast the Semantic Web gospel beyond
current audiences, to contribute
to the Internet Governance Forum.

Very urgent :  Deadline for Synthesis paper : 2 August.


     *  The first day will have an opening ceremony in the morning, and 
a general session in the afternoon on multi-stakeholder policy dialogue 
to set the scene for the common themes that run through the rest of the 
discussion for the next three days.
     * The second day deals with the broad themes of openness and security.
           o Openness - Freedom of expression, free flow of information, 
ideas and knowledge.
             (The Session is expected to take up the following issues: 
Free flow of information, freedom of expression, empowerment and access 
to knowledge.)
           o Security - Creating trust and confidence through collaboration.
             (The Session is expected to take up the following theme: 
Protecting users from spam, phishing and viruses while protecting privacy.)
     * The third day deals with diversity and access.
           o Diversity – Promoting multilingualism and local content
             (The Session is expected to take up the following issues: 
Multilingualism, including IDN, and local content.)
           o Access - Internet connectivity: Policy and cost.
             (The Session is expected to take up the following issues: 
Interconnection costs, interoperability and open standards.)
     * The fourth day reviews the work of the previous days, with the 
Chairman summing-up the overall meeting.
           o The meeting will include an open microphone session taking 
stock of the Athens meeting, reviewing the working methods of the IGF 
and looking forward to the next meeting and the agenda for Rio de Janeiro.
           o It will conclude with a panel of young people who will look 
at emerging issues and issues of concern to youth, both from a 
technology and public policy perspective

As part of the process of preparing the meeting, a call for 
contributions will be sent out on the specific themes and sub-themes. 
The Secretariat will prepare synthesis papers of all contributions which 
will be translated into all UN languages and submitted to the meeting as 
official conference documents.  In order to allow enough time for the 
preparation of the synthesis papers and translations,
2 August will be the deadline for the submission of contributions.

Papers submitted after the 2 August deadline will be included on the web 
site but will not be included in the synthesis papers.

IGF Workshop proposals : deadline 24 August 2006

This is a call for proposals for workshops which will be held in 
parallel to the General Sessions

Proposals should preferably be submitted in English. 24 August 2006 is 
set as the final deadline for submitting proposals in English. The 
deadline for submitting proposals in UN languages other than English is 
31 July 2006.

I am going to send a very short paper
about Semantic Web gTLDs
, hopefully before the deadline.

Please let me know, if someone, per chance, in the SW community
is interested to organize a SW Workshop in Athens.

Best wishes to beat the deadlines


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