ANN: ARQ 0.9.7 -- SPARQL for Jena

Announcing ARQ-0.9.7
ARQ is a query processor for Jena that implements SPARQL.


Home page:

SPARQL is described in:


The implementation of SPARQL is functionally complete and meets the
SPARQL last call specification.

The latest development version of ARQ is available via anonymous CVS:

  cvs -z3 co ARQ

JAR changes

ARQ requires the version of jena.jar included in the download or a later
version from Jena CVS.  The jar from Jena 2.2 will not work.

The following jars have been upgraded:

See the lib/ directoyr in the download.

API Changes

ResultSetFormatter -- This class now only has static convenience
operations.  Various specific formatters are in the resultset package.


+ Some pretty printing of queries
+ Auto-loading of filter functions and ARQ extensions via <java:...>
+ More library functions
+ Fixes.

See ChangeLog.txt for more details.

Online demo

Support and Questions

Comments and questions about ARQ to the Jena mailing list

Received on Friday, 30 September 2005 08:22:35 UTC