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katrina semantic model

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We have been working at putting together Katrina data,  there has been a
variety of projects going on under similar/related  ideas

One particular project . pfif xml, is defining persons data for the purpose
facilitating retrieval

Other schemas need developing , to be interchangeable with pfif, that
contain other elements/data, one of these is shelterfinder xml

we are working at it as we speak

while the programmers churn away at their sql, I think:
would a decent semantic model help us in our exercise?

how can we achieve that?

would the experts be able to chip in with hints, knowledge?

www.katrinahelp.info is the umbrella website,  where pfif xml can be
retrieved if you'd like to take a look and comment - 

katrinadev@civicspacelabs.org  is the dev list to which you should subscribe
if you wish to participate in the discussions

shelterfinder is our current task at hand

here is a blank page that needs to be filled

participation appreciated (and needed!)


paola di maio

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