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Semantic Web gTLDs

From: Dr. Francis MUGUET <muguet@ensta.fr>
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 23:25:09 +0200
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I an new on this list, and I would not
dare to qualify as a person with a decent
knowledge of RDF/OWL,
however, since the political circumstances
seem propitious at WSIS ( World Summit on the Information
Society  http://www.wsis.org ) , I naively felt it
could be the moment to submit a bold proposal :
Semantic Web gTLDs.
I am in a position to
propose this idea to delegations
at the UN in Geneva, however I want to be
re-assured that this proposal makes sense.

see the site ( under construction )

There are several specific proposed SWgTLDs  that
are going to be detailed later ( unless I get convinced
that my proposal is unfeasible )
The two ome about which some thinking is under way by friends are
..ART  for digital artists
..EQUI  transforming the whole gTLDs into a worldwide marketplace;

There are two perspective in this proposal :
1/ a proposal in itself, with interlinked technical and governance
aspects, hopefully to be implemented preferably sooner
than later.
2/ an illustration that the report of the WGIG
( http://www.wgig.org ) stays only at the bottom of
the OSI layers, it dealt in part with Internet but
did not deal with the Web !!!!
  Questions about HTML, XML, SW, DOIs etc... were
  completely left aside.. it is rather stunning.

Your comments and suggestions are kindly requested.
Since doubt is the beginning of wisdom,
you can be brutally honest in your opinion.

If you wish to participate to this adventurous enterprise,
feel free to subscribe to the mailing as indicated
on the site.

Best regards




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