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Dear all,
You are invited to use "knowledgeweb on the people's portal" - a Semantic
Web application for active Semantic Web communities. The application's web
address is  <>

You can use the application for the following purposes: 
- business: inform your colleagues about your current interests and
activities, discover and track your communities, find partners for joint
deliverables, papers, event organization, project proposals;
- social and curiosity: get to know your colleagues personally and tell them
about yourself, about what you like to do; 
- explore the Semantic Web community: find out how many male vs. female
folks are in Semantic Web area, which counties they come from originally,
who share interests with whom.
Features include:
- community-driven ontology construction/extension;
- interfaces to identify and browse communities;
- dynamic integration of data from KnowledgeWeb portal;
- easy registration of new members (support of "community friends").
Recently the application acquired additional features:
- tracking and numerically summarizing community dynamics: personalized
email notifications upon changes in community spaces which are of relevance
to you; 
- function for a safe set up of a valid email contact address (to get
information about community dynamics);
- FAQ section.
Anna V. Zhdanova 
DERI - Digital Enterprise Research Institute
Institute of Computer Science 
University of Innsbruck 
Technikerstrasse 21a 
A-6020 Innsbruck 
Tel:      +43 512 507 6467
Fax:      +43 512 507 9872 
E-mail:        <> 
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