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This paper ( should be interesting. It does not include the content of Annotea, but has a good review of the existing popular social bookmarks. Hope to be helpful! 

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|Subject: Annotea shared/social bookmarks
|1) Does anyone know good papers that compare what we do in Annotea
|shared bookmarks and topics and the social bookmarks and folksonomies? I
|did not find them easily but I did not put too much effort on that either.
|Annotea [] shared
|or social bookmarks were presented first at KCAP2001 as a scenario
|[] and then at
|WWW2002 developers day as a first simple demo
|[]. Amaya has the first
|[] but the
|main work is currently done in Annotea Ubimarks
|[], a plugin for Mozilla.
|A bookmark file of  the projects
|  I had in Annotea
|projects page They differ
|a bit as I had some update problems with CVS. But you can hopefully see
|the idea.
|2) Also I'm looking for good ways to organize bookmark files in other
|than the alphabetic order. I have some ideas including what Jose did in
|Amaya. The problem is that the files (with the orders) can be merged in
|different ways and some of them might not make sense to the user.

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