Re: RDF-Entailment: Remove duplicate anonymous resources - looking for an algorithm

Hi Danny,

>>I'm looking for an algorithm to remove duplicate anonymous resources
>>from an RDF-Model.
>>Fo example, given the graph:
>>(1) _:a rdfs:label "test".
>>(2) _:a rdfs:comment "...".
>>(3) _:b rdfs:label "test".
>>The algorithm should tell me that I can safely drop statement 3.
>Ok, so presumably you can't know that _:a and _:b are the same node
>without looking at other parts of the graph...
If this is the whole graph, there is nothing which makes _:a and _:b 
different, as there is no interpretation in which the graph containing 
the first two triple has another truth-value than the graph with all 
three triples.

>The nearest I've come to this is smushing on IFPs, recently with
>Morten's Redland smusher [1] - there may be something useful around
>his notes/code.
IFP/FP-Smushing is not what I'm looking for, event though - for 
performance reasons - an rdf-entailment smusher should probably be 
ifp/fp aware an treat functionally grounded nodes similarly to 
"naturally grounded"-nodes (i.e. literals and named resources).


Received on Monday, 21 November 2005 10:43:47 UTC