Another ESW Wiki page: MicroModels [1].

The main intention is to assemble a list of RDF/OWL models of the
various fairly small domain-specific formats appearing around the
blogosphere. This will includes XHTML microformats as well as things
like Atom. Think of the "micromodel" name as a bit of scruffy
rebranding of RDFS/vocabulary/ontology.

I believe such a list could not only save duplicate coding for
Semantic Web folks, but potentially be helpful to developers at large.
For example, if an OWL model corresponding to a particular format is
available, it should be possible (maybe via UML) to semi-automatically
generate an object model or relational schema.

Personally I'd also like to have the XSLT (2rdfxml) for each of these
formats, so I can get the stuff into a triplestore (and perhaps
encourage publishers of the data to include the appropriate GRDDL
requirements). I've not looked inside PiggyBank yet, but presumably
the scrapers there are generating triples aligned with some kind of

I've registered the domain micromodels.org, once there's a fair
collection available I'll put together some static pages with a few
docs, make 'em look pretty. The domains I've got listed so far are:

      Document/Content Metadata
      People, Organizations, Social Networks
      Calendars and Events
      Opinions, Ratings and Reviews
      Tags, Keywords, Categories
      Lists and Outlines

This certainly isn't intented to be an authoritative list of
full-scale ontologies, merely little bitty ones mapped from formats
people are already using. So if anyone has or knows of RDF/OWL models
and/or XSLT for such things, please add links to the Wiki (or mail


[1] http://esw.w3.org/topic/MicroModels



Received on Thursday, 10 November 2005 09:52:06 UTC