Re: New Intro Reloaded - New Site:

Hi Joshua,

Yep, awesome work. I'm sure I must have stuff you can recycle, but
scattered in the archives. I do have an intro link list that may be

One specific thing I couldn't find straightforward docs on was a
compare & contrast between the logic of RDF/OWL, the traditional
(Codd's) relational model and that of object-oriented programming. I
made a start but it turned into a vanilla intro:


On 11/7/05, Hans Teijgeler <> wrote:

> May I suggest that will become a showpiece of what
> you can do with RDF,

Yes indeed. If you could incorporate some kind of simple demo into the
site it would speak lots. The SIMILE kit [1] seems good for this. I've
not played with Semantic Bank yet, but found it straightforward to
produce a nicely navigable 'site' with Longwell, from an RDF/XML file
(actually an RSS dump from my blog).



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